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    From: (Jms at B5)
 Subject: Re: Cats: Shadows or Vorlons?
    Date: 1/28/1998 6:17:00 PM  

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>The setup:
>1. One of our cats has decided that the cable box is a great place to
>sleep. It's warm, it's in a cozy spot.
>2. We're taping B5. We have choir rehearsals on Wednesday nights
>(we're supplying our cantor with copies of seasons 1-3 as he didn't pick
>up on B5 until late.
>3. We get home, we get our snacks, we plop down to watch the episode.
>The payoff:
>We get approximately 10 minutes into "The Long Night..." and suddenly
>we're watching a preschool thing. I fast forward thinking it was a
>problem with our cable company. No--it switches a few minutes later to
>some Charles Bronson movie.
>Now, I don't know if we're being made to pay for some transgression
>(okay, we did throw him and the other felines into the garage while the
>realtors were tramping through), but here's what he did: he turned the
>box on, switched channels twice, and turned in off!
>This is not normal feline intelligence. You tell me, is this a Vorlon
>or a Shadow we've got here?

Neither. He's like all cats: he's a Keeper...they sit on your shoulder,
they're invisible unless they want to be seen, they glare at you out of one
baleful eye, and gradually they take over your life.


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