Posted on 12/1/1996 by J. Michael Straczynski <> to CIS

David Cerreta <> asks:
> Seeing what the production schedule is like for a 24
> episode/season show like X-Files, I wondered if you were *glad*
> you had only 22 eps or wished you had 24? Anyway, just how long
> are you in production each year? Does your crew take much time off
> for the holidays or do most work through? The opposite question
> would be: would you wish you had *less* shows in a season? I was
> wondering if there were any articles that would showcase the
> complete production of a single episode, from its inception down
> until the final sound mix (or whatever comes last)?

No, no one's done an article like that, though Stephen Smith did
spend a week on the B5 sets for Sci-Fi Universe Magazine.

I'd much rather shoot 24 than 22, because it gives us more room
to spread things out, and try some different kinds of stories.

We shoot from early August through May 5th, so the cast gets
about 2-3 months off.