Re: Women and B5 (was Re: Paradigm shifts and B5/Trek)

 Posted on 11/30/1996 by to

"And yet, these women can also be women. Delenn in her black dressturning
heads, giggling at John's jokes, and teasing him. Then to turn around and
destroy the Grey Council, save B5 from the Earth Alliance, and become
Ranger One. The depth, the honesty, the reality of her. It is wonderful to
see such a character, to know that there are role models for a feminine
woman who can be hard as nails."

I wish I could take more credit for this..."Oh, sure, I did this to create
strong role models, it was all conscious"...but the truth is, those are
the kind of women I've always found attractive: sharp, smart, funny,
strong, sexually assertive, credible...*women*. Those are always the ones
I dated, the ones I hung out with as friends (on the theory that men and
women *can* be friends, it doesn't have to turn into dating) it's
just really a case of writing what I find appealing.