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"In other words, it's cheesy makeup."

Once again, the remarkably inept Theron Fuller demonstrates that he
doesn't have a clue about what he's talking about. But he does that so
often now, that one hardly even notices anymore.

"Cheesy" has specific connotations. Words mean what they mean. It refers
to how it's used, how much is paid for it, how slipshod it is, and how
cheap it is.

Mira's makeup is overall the most complex of all the characters. It is
also the most expensive after G'Kar. It also takes longer than just about
anyone else on the show. Bill is out in about 90 minutes, sometimes less.
Andreas can get out in just under 2 hours. With Mira's makeup, it's
extremely subtle, very thin to get out the emotions that come through the
movements of the skin, and takes as much as 2 and a half hours to apply
properly. The bone piece is especially difficult and expensive, as it has
to contain elements that work into the hair, which also has hair
delicately woven into the edges, and has to fasten at the temples without
any noticeable movement.

"The justification for this is that Joe Straczysnki Himself once explained
that Delenn's "bone arrangement" was done for the convenience of the
makeup artist and the actor."

No, I never said that. You're making this up, as you make up half the
information you post and state as fact. Your grasp of reality, always
tenuous, seems to be getting worse after you targeted some poor innocent
person as being the alleged Il Porco, possibly doing his business damage
and attacking his character in a public forum based on *zero* proof, and
being, in fact, totally wrong. But you never let the facts get in the way
of your statements, as here...I never made the statement you attribute to
me. Never happened. You are, as always, lying.

If it were done for convenience, we'd've stayed with the overall bald cap
Delenn had in the first season, which took *less* time than what she has
now, and was overall less expensive. The change itself was done for story
reasons, as she became more human. We needed to see the hair. There were
two ways of doing this, one to have the hair come down through the bone,
the other to attach hair to the back of the piece and use a wig, which
seemed silly. (Though, again, some hair is woven into the bone piece to
smooth the lines.)

"Like the non-rotaing star field in the C C shots, it's an example of
where the low budget of the series pokes through in a particularly jarring

No, it's not that we're or it's low budget. The problem is a mathematical
one. C C rotates *below* the center of the station, the core of the
rotation. So the rotation wouldn't be at the center of the window, but
rather above it, so you'd have a movement from side to side that's far
more pronounced. To pull off this in a practical effect, you'd have to
build a *round* starfield about 30 feet high, which is bigger than just
about any TV soundstage around, and would have to rotate without making
noise at that size (almost impossible). To do blue-screen compositing of
starfields for the length of scenes we play in C C is outside the limts of
ANY TV series, including ST, which invariably uses a star curtain for
window scenes of the same size as the B5 C C, or sparingly uses bluescreen
for smaller windows seen less frequently.

You continue in your practice of lying, misquoting, and making up stuff to
cause friction or slam the show or myself. You attack people who don't
even know who you are and smear their names on the net for being someone
they're not and never even heard of. You're a sick, pathetic, twisted,
vicious individual, Theron. Sop why not take your bile and your lies and
your delusional bullshit somewhere else.


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