Re: Attn JMS: Writing questions

 Posted on 5/31/1996 by to

"Do you have an idea of how many scripts you'll be farming out to other
writers this season?"

Not at this time. There are several imponderables yet to be filled in.

"Are those writers handpicked/recruited by you, or do you ever get a
sample of someone's work dropped in lap by their agent and decide to go
with them?"

For this show, they're hand picked; on other shows, it's been more open.

"When we get to season 5, do you think that you'll be able to write the
episodes without having to put in so many references to previous shows for
new viewers, i.e. "if you're watching by now, you know what's going on"?"

If it's as serial as I think it's goign to have to be, there may have to
be a bit more of them, but I may do some of them a little differently,
less obviously.