<WWE, part 2>

 Posted on 5/25/1996 by J. Michael Straczynski <71016.1644@compuserve.com> to CIS

Rick Sharon <76416.2213@compuserve.com> asks:
> Why do I feel we're starting up another roller coaster hill and
> this one's bigger than the one we just came screaming down? But,
> October?

Thank you. Yeah, the critics have been...well, unfair doesn't
quite seem to describe it. Some of these reviewers are to legitimate
criticism as Auchwitz is to health spas. Still, some of them have
actually begun to turn around. They just totally dismissed us from all
serious consideration right from the start, some because we were SF,
some because we weren't ST.

There's an old saying on Broadway theater: "Nobody but the
audience loved it." And that's what counts.

As far as the last five are concerned...they're an interesting
and mixed bag. The first two are almost, but not quite stand-alones,
each has a couple/three stories going on, and one of each tends to lean
toward the arc. But the last three are seriously hardass. They bring
you right to the edge, and you can see it coming quite clearly...then
drop you.