Re: ATTN JMS wwe2 (spoilers)

 Posted on 5/24/1996 by to

1. Since you've stated that the Babylon squared time travel incident
would be the only one for the entire series, is there any way we might get
answers to somet of the questions that seemed to be raised from the far

In a sense.

2. How much will sinclair's knowledge of the future affect what is to

Sinclair has no further knowledge of the future; he knows only what he saw
up through and including the White Star.

3. The question I'm really dying for an answer to though, is this:
Hasn't this episode in a sense made a large part of the arc
anti-climactic? I mean, we now know that the forces of light are
victorious again, at least to some degree, we know of David (named for
sinclair?), we know what becomes of Londo etc. Whenever most of the major
characters are in a life threatening situation, we now know that they
survive it (it would seem).

We also "knew" that G'Kar would strangle Londo...what you didn't have was
context. As we saw in part two, context is everything, and getting there
is half the fun.