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 Posted on 3/31/1996 by J. Michael Straczynski <71016.1644@compuserve.com> to CIS

Daniel M. Upton <75442.1331@compuserve.com> asks:
> What is the story on the Grey Council?
> PS, What part of Patterson were you born in?

Thanks. The easy thing to do, the TeeVee thing to do, would've
been to go from Sheridan's line "All ships return to base," to the
exterior with the big ships, and fade out. But I try to keep this show
from doing the easy thing. Yes, you had a victory. Yes, it was
necessary. But what's the cost? We shouldn't glamorize these things.
Even at the end, as you notice, even at the end of the reception...we
go out on an ominous note.

What part of Paterson? The downscale part of town.