Makeup/Prosthetics Q:

 Posted on 2/15/1996 by J. Michael Straczynski <> to CIS

Thomas Rackers <> asks:
> (For example, adding a little bit to a person's jowls to age him
> from his actual 40 years to around 70.) Could you refer me to
> someone on the B5 staff, or some other source, who could advise
> me on materials used for the face molds and the prosthetics, and
> tips on how the process is done?

Alas, I would feel inappropriate in referring you to any of our
staff for consultation, as a) they get such requests frequently, and b)
they're very busy on other stuff. Probably any good makeup technician
in the area could do the same in any event; we're not doing anything
that hasn't been well established in the field.