Clark's Law

 Posted on 1/24/1996 by J. Michael Straczynski <> to CIS

Phil Koltko <> asks:
> How did you coordinate the book's storyline with the neighboring
> episodes and the overall arc? Did you put together the story and
> then give it to Mortimore to build a novel around? Did you just
> give him a concept and some inside info he could use? Is this the
> level of quality writing and series/book storyline integration
> what we should expect from the next few books?

In most cases, the writer sends in a proposal to the book
company; they then send these proposals to me to see which a) I like,
and b) fit in with the storyline one way or another. When the book is
commissioned, I work with the writer to one degree or another in
keeping things very much on track. In the case of this book, I
actually did very little until the actual manuscript came in, at which
time I made my notes and suggestions. So the lion's share of any
compliments here must go to Mortimore.

And yes, in my view, the other coming two books are just as good.