Garibaldi/Talia ?s

 Posted on 1/24/1996 by J. Michael Straczynski <> to CIS

Chad Underkoffler <> asks:
> 1) [Out of Story] Did you, as chief cook and bottle washer,
> decide against persuing the G/T relationship too far because
> Jerry and Andrea were married out here in the Real World(tm)? 2)
> [In the Story] Did the unTalia "shunt" Talia v.1.0 away from
> Garibaldi? If so, why?
> Fear of discovery?
> Optimum choice of targets?
> 3) [In the Story] Did Talia v.1.0 just genuinely dislike Michael?
> 4) Some combination thereof?
> BTW, has the Orkin man paid a visit to n'grath?

Basically, the answer to all of the questions is "no."