Remember, we're only going to be...

 Posted on 1/11/1996 by STRACZYNSKI [Joe] to GENIE

Remember, we're only going to be doing a *few* things to start, just
enough to help make the endeavor self-sustaining. We're not really in the
merchandising business, that's not what we do. It's up to other companies to
do models and the like.

At this point, the list is just pins, patches, Sheridan's EAS AGAMEMNON
cap, maybe some t-shirts, maybe the videos, scripts, Links, and a couple of
other things.

BTW, we cannot produce letterbox at this time, for the simple reason that
we would have to go back to the original negative film stock and re-telecine
all of the prints. We'd have to produce new prints in the original format, re-
edit's a hideously expensive proposition, and we just don't
have those resources.

When that happens, it'll have to happen through a major video company.