Jim: never hesitate to bring something...

 Posted on 10/29/1995 by STRACZYNSKI [Joe] to GENIE

Jim: never hesitate to bring something up because it's me; if we can't
discuss the issues, there's no point.

On the question of Dole and politics in general...yeah, Bruce and Jerry
and I tend to go 'round and 'round about this stuff at our lunch gatherings.
Sometimes for laughs, sometimes earnestly, but we generally tend to respect
the other's viewpoints.

I don't personally subscribe wholecloth to a liberal or conservative
agenda; I think you have to take each individual issue as it comes. I'm pro-
choice and pro-death penalty (UNLESS one can guarantee that when a court says,
"life inprisonment," it MEANS life, not 5 years, then I flip to the other side
of the issue).

There are a number of interesting democrats, and a number of intersting
republicans out there. Dole, however, strikes me as a mean, venal little man
who would make Nixon (also not high on my hit parade) look like Rebecca of
Sunnybrook Farm if he ever got into high office. It ain't the party, it
ain't the issues (well, not entirely)...it's just that this guy worries the
hell out of me.