ATTN JMS: B5 Addiction

 Posted on 8/12/1995 by to

The purpose of writing is that it should have an effect on the
audience/reader/viewer. Insofar as that happens, on what grounds could I
possibly object to folks getting into the show? (Heck, I live the darned
thing 24 hours a day, with Londo and G'Kar and Kosh and Garibaldi and
Ivanova chasing each other around in my head all day and all night; why
not spread it around a little?)

So far there's been none of the "Oh, god, what have I created here?"
you cite, because really, I've found that in general, the show tends to
attract a fairly thoughtful, bright bunch, given some of the complexity of
the story, so I'm nothing other than thrilled.