It's just that the sysops have *specifically*...

 Posted on 7/26/1995 by STRACZYNSKI [Joe] to GENIE

It's just that the sysops have *specifically* set aside topic #1 here for
"The British Aired Final Four Episodes." The DL info came from one of the
British Aired Final Four Episodes. It seems to me that one would wish to
respect the wishes of the sysops who created that topic for that express
purpose, the same way one puts discussions of B5 science into 18/13. Why is
it you seem to feel that the sysops needs are subordinate to your own? Nobody
said you couldn't post the spoilers, they merely said that the topic over
*there* is the right place for them, THIS one is for the spoilers that take
place after they've aired here in the US.