To JMS Re: Big Bang Expo

 Posted on 3/29/1995 by to

Anne: straight you want me to set aside my beliefs on how
conventions should be run and just say "the hell with it?" What if the
con turns out, as I suspect it would, as a disaster and a disappointment?
Then what happens to the fans?

The fans are not being punished. I'm put in mind of "A Comedy of
Terrors," where Vincent Price keeps trying to slip poison into Boris
Karloff's soup, saying it's medicine, only to be thwarted by Karloff's
daughter, who rips the bottle away...and in response, the addled
Boris bemoans the fact that she keeps taking away his medicine. And she
gets the rap.

What makes this show special, and the reason you like it, amon
others, is that it stems from certain principles and idea. Are you now
asking that I set aside that which makes the show what it is? Because that
would be the result. One learns a lot about a person by whom one sleeps