Re: B5 and Big Bang stuff

 Posted on 3/27/1995 by to

Matt, I have never considered that your motives have ever been other
than the well being of Babylon 5.

In that respect, we are alike.

One thing to remember is that B5 has developed a very hard-won
reputation for square dealing, and for taking care of those viewers who
have chosen to support us. This comes from the executive producer's
office. On anything that uses the B5 name, or which is connected to
B5, we take great pains to make sure everything's on the up and up, that
when merchandise goes out, or deals are made, it is done straight-up,
done properly, and the quality is assured. Anytime anyone buys anything
or supports anything involving B5, they have to *know* that it went through
my hands, that it's been checked out, vetted, and approved not by aides
but by the people who make the show. Sometimes that's a pain in the ass,
but it's the only way of protecting the fans in the long run, and the only
way I know how to make this show.