From jms: B5 Soundtrack Info

 Posted on 3/27/1995 by to

Elena has already posted some of this, but since it probably got lost
in the recent confusion....

While Christopher Franke's new and expanded BABYLON 5 SOUNDTRACK
is being released later next month, it's possible to order it NOW from
Sonic Images, Chris's own company. Be the first on your block, and all

There's an additional 12-15 minutes worth of music on this as opposed
to the original limited release, which sold out its run within a matter of
weeks. It has an expanded booklet, more photos, and is gorgeously
packaged. (Elena can release a more detailed summary, so watch for her

The soundtrack, which contains music from the first, and some from the
second seasons, has been orchestrated into one long suite, about 52 or so
minutes. It's just beautiful. It also has the first and second season
main title themes, and the best pieces from our better episodes...including
something added for just this release, a 4+ minute extended version of his
haunting theme for the Battle of the Line.

It can be ordered direct *now* from Sonic Images for $13.99 each,
plus $3 shipping and handling in the US, Canada and Mexico, or $6 S H
to all other countries. Checks/orders can be sent to Sonic Images, P. O.
Box 691626, West Hollywood, CA 90069. I'd move quickly, because if the
limited is any indication, these are going to sell out quickly, and you'll
avoid a wait later.

It really *is* very cool, folks....


(Only CD release, no cassettes.)