Posted on 11/1/1994 by to

So now why don't you call the bunch of other reporters who say the
opposite of USA Today and ask if *they* stand beside *their* story?

You seem obsessed with Michael O'Hare's personal employment I said, why don't you give me YOUR personal employment
history and let ME make some phone calls? Or shall I go ahead and
answer my own question...that you're a sick, obsessed little fuck who
has no appreciable life, and thus has to meddle in the lives and careers
of others.

Get this straight: you are entitled to *nothing*. Not even this
reply. Leave Michael O'Hare, and his career, alone. You are trying to
turn a pleasant situation between me and someone I call a friend into
something that will, by rumor and innuendo, harm Michael O'Hare's career.
The degree of your obsession is becoming an area of great concern to us
at Babylon 5. I hear that someone posing under an assumed name started
calling here the other day, trying to worm out information about Michael
and his employment. Coincidence?

Get this straight: LEAVE MICHAEL ALONE. Nothing here is any of your
goddamned business. It is a PRIVATE matter, everyone is content with
life...who the fuck are you to try and distort and screw around with
people's careers? You are a viewer, who is entitled to what we put out
over the air, and not one bit more. Okay, you don't buy what happens to
be the truth. So the fuck what? I don't care, no one here cares; the
concern raised is because you are openly trying to harm me, and Michael,
through your messages.

How about you get your OWN fucking life and leave everybody else
alone? And until YOU are willing to provide, here, your OWN employers,
so that we can do to you (a public figure on these boards) what YOU are
doing to MICHAEL, as far as I'm concerned you're nothing more than a
coward and a loudmouth who gets off on causing other people psychological