Correct: B5 is a distribution point,...

 Posted on 10/1/1994 by STRACZYNSKI [Joe] to GENIE

Correct: B5 is a distribution point, and many objects are stored in the
zero-G area and never brought into the station proper.

Johanna: reality check. If I put in all the staff (or even most of the
staff) you suggest, huge diplomatic staffs, trade envoys, political attaches,
military, etc...and did this times 5 ambassadors...even totally leaving out
the League of Non-Aligned Worlds...there wouldn't be any money left to
actually make the show. You'd have all the cast you suggest, but no money for
film, or cameras, or crew. Right now we have 14-16 regular and recurring
characters, and another 8 or so who appear periodically (like Lou Welch).
This is the biggest cast ever put together for an SF series, and we're
straining as it is to accommodate all of this. To have more just to have them
is pointless, and would bankrupt the show.