Re: The One-Armed Man

 Posted on 6/30/1994 by to

PS #1: as Brian O'Neill said, any lawyer in his right *mind* would
tell you that after filing a complaint, the #1 rule is, "SHUT UP!" Do
not go around making public statements about it. Doofus-activity #1 from

PS #2: I have not said anything to you that anyone else here has
not said, in some cases in far harsher terms that I have said it. Since
you said that you now intend to sue *me*, you must now also sue *them*
as well. Otherwise your suit becomes selective, and thus provably a
vendetta. So now how many *more* are you going to sue? Or threaten? Or
harrass? (I notice you accused the Doge of forging your mail, so I
suppose we're now broadening our scope to include charges of forgery.)

You use threat of lawsuit to intimidate people, with *no* conception
of the law. Doofus-activity #2.

Would you now like to try for Doofus-activity #3, or go home now?


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