Re: The One-Armed Man

 Posted on 6/29/1994 by to

Here's yet another example (one of many) in which you show you don't
have a clue, and are twisting facts.

You write, "...everything that Bob said was substantiated."

Incorrect. The only thing that Bob stated here was that a complaint
had been filed, by you.

The complaint has not been substantiated.

The incident has not been substantiated.

This is how the Judicial system works, since you claim to be about
to launch into it.

NOTHING -- I repeat, NOTHING -- that you have said has been legally
substantiated. And if it could be, would've been by now.

BTW, I spoke to Andreas today, who continues to be very upset by
this whole thing, and he indicated that he wishes you would stop calling
there to further harrass him.