Re: The One-Armed Man

 Posted on 6/29/1994 by to

So let me get this straight...Diane speaks well of Andreas, and you
harrass threaten to sue threaten to sue me for
defending Andreas and describing your abusive letters in terms that are
acceptable under the First Amendment. Boy, you sure are busy.

And woefully uninformed. Nothing -- *nothing* -- that I have said
in any of my postings are litigious. I've been riding the nets for a
long, long, very long time, and I've studied communications law, and you
got nothing. It's simply more baseless threats, which again proves my
point, that you're full of it.

Second, any case you might have cooked up in your head is now a dead
issue because of *your* actions. A complaint must be untainted by any
apparent motivation on the part of the plaintiff to "get" someone. But
your repeated actions here have shown that this is part of a vendetta on
your part against Andreas.

Anybody can file a complaint against anybody. It proves *nothing*.
Roseanne Barr filed one against her husband, then retracted it later
admitting that it was false. Happens all the time. A complaint is
simply that, unsupported by evidence. No charges have ever been filed
against Andreas.

As for your comment about the irrationality of discussing alien
planets and worlds...1) B5 is a *real* TV series, though perhaps in your
current agitated state of mind, you hadn't noticed that, 2) nothing in
discussing a fictional universe will hurt someone's career, as you are
trying to do with Andreas.

You have called Andreas' home. You have left repeated messages here.
You have taken other actions, all to one singular goal: to try and destroy
Andreas Katsulas' career. And you put my messages discussing your
slanders on the same scale, and say you'll sue?

Up yours.

You try to intimidate people here from talking about Andreas, you
try to intimidate Andreas, and you try to intimidate me...your obsession
is so profound that you're all over the map, in front of every person
here reading your screeds.

You have some real problems here. Deal with them.

But leave the rest of humanity out of it.