There are those at the top of the...

 Posted on 6/29/1994 by STRACZYNSKI [Joe] to GENIE

There are those at the top of the stations, and those below. What
matters proceeds from the top.

Re: the comic...yes, there were discussions of other companies that were
bidding on it, but I probably shouldn't name who they were, as that might be

The first issue of the B5 comic, which I've written, is entitled "In
Darkness Find Me," which is the flip-side of incidents that take place in the
first episode of year one. And there's a smidge of information contained in
the book that's *not* in the episode. I think the script came out pretty
well. I've also written brief outlines for two subsequent four-issue cycles,
which are now being assigned to other writers for expansion into full outlines
and scripts.