Well, I'd love to try to get Patrick...

 Posted on 3/31/1994 by STRACZYNSKI [Joe] to GENIE

Well, I'd love to try to get Patrick McGoohan again...we'll have more
appearances by Koenig, of course...possible we'll see Christopher Neame again
(he said mysteriously)...I'd like to use Robert Vaughn, Robert Culp, and even
some actors without Robert as their first name. If I applied a real wish-
list, it wouldn't do any good, since the actors I'd love most to use are way
beyond TV syndication prices (Edward Woodward, for instance). I'd kinda love
to drag Bill Windom over from M,SW to do a quick episode for us. Tom Baker,
definitely. I've spoken to Colin Baker about the possibility, and that could
probably be arranged easily enough. Anyway, a lot of it depends on the
scripts, and on schedules. So we'll see....