Re: +/- Review: Midnight (SPOI

 Posted on 2/1/1994 by to

The whole idea of Talia calling the Psi Corps and having Ivanova
removed for not liking her is, as you state, utterly absurd. Life is
like this...sometimes people don't get along. What do you do, call the

Second, Talia works for the Psi Corps, which is a *civilian*
organization regulated by the government (though it certainly makes it
(its) pretensions to military in dress and attitude). Ivanova is a
military officer. A civilian has no authority over that. The Psi Corps
does not issue orders to the Earthforce Military.

The problem that I see so often, with some exceptions, is that people
haven't stopped to think things through. They think, "Well, they should
just be able to go in and make things right." Wrong. This not only
doesn't happen in real life, it doesn't happen in 99% of all fiction.
It is an ST artifact that doesn't touch reality at any two contiguous

Just about half of the questions raised could be answered with a
little thought, such as this one. Similarly, the "Why didn't the Council
see that Carn Mollari was being forced to read the statement, and act,"
without stopping to consider a) that not all aliens read human
expressions properly or well, b) suspicion isn't the same thing as
proof, c) the smaller worlds would be loathe to take on the Narns, and
d-f, which I'll list another time. The attitude again is, "Well, this
is *obviously* what's right, so they should do it." People rarely do
what is obviously right...and sometimes when they *do*, it's for the
wrong reasons.