Boy, this has been some kinda day....

 Posted on 2/1/1994 by STRACZYNSKI [Joe] to GENIE

Boy, this has been some kinda day....

Phone goes off *early* in the morning, "Just making sure you know about
the satellite interviews today." I'm in bed. Scratch. Snuffle. Look at
clock. Snuffle. Scratch. "Satellite interviews...when?"

"In about two hours, across town."


Never a jump gate when you need one. Haven't moved that fast in ages.
Me and Claudia for about 5 hours, on and off, giving interviews to TV stations
around the country. Plus one segment with just Claudia and Peter...of which
the *funniest* stuff was in-between, while waiting for NY to come on line, a
mass of improv, all of it going out over the station...Peter and Claudia
improv'ing lunch at a NY deli, a fashion conversation between J. Edgar Hoover
and Eleanor Roosevelt...on and on and on, put *everyone* away.

The camera loves them both. the moment I went on camera,
hundreds of people around the country no doubt started calling America's Most
Wanted and screaming, "I SAW HIM! HE'S ON TV!"

Then a zip back to the studio to meet with Larry and give story notes on
his new script, "TKO," which has a *very* interesting Ivanova B-story; then
another meeting; then race across town to spot (slug where music and sound EFX
go) one episode, finish the mix on another episode, race back to the stage for
a final meeting, leave late this evening, find literally *hundreds* of
messages on various systems now that the show is airing (this in the last 24
hours), plow through those...and now will be up the rest of the night writing
the second part of the two-parter we're shooting this season, "A Voice in the


(And lest anyone think I'm not paying attention...*many* thanks for the
many kind comments here.)