Reaction of the Council. Spoil

 Posted on 1/30/1994 by to

It's interesting what we can read into Delenn's reaction,
I saw concern, angst, but not that she believed the story. That certainly
wasn't the intent of the scene, or the script...faces are interesting
things. As for the rest, you're right; not everyone wants to do the Right
Thing For The Right Reasons. Some would prefer not to get involved. So
some might want deniability, want a reason not to go up against the
Narns, or have sold out their votes. A human looking at that screen
could tell that the person was being coerced...but what about the other
alien races, to whom a downcast face could be a sign of joy? In any
event, suspicion is one thing, but *proof* is another, and the legal
system works on *proof*. Nothing could be done until they had the proof
that Sinclair got at the end, and chose to use behind closed doors to
the same effect.