Kathryn's last name is Drennan....

 Posted on 1/1/1994 by STRACZYNSKI [Joe] to GENIE

Kathryn's last name is Drennan. Her full credit is Kathryn M.
Not Straczynski. Probably displaying considerable wisdom on her
part. Ten
thousand letters, no vowels.

Absent a collaboration on a series of articles for TZ Magazine
a few
years ago (a guide to the Night Gallery series), we don't
collaborate. Ever.
I also don't collaborate with Larry D., or any other of my writer
friends. As
I learned before, particularly on the one occasion when Larry and
I tried it --
we co-wrote a pilot and bible for CBS based on the "Elfquest" books
-- all
parties concerned will live a LOT longer by keeping a respectable