I can't dictate as fast as I can...

 Posted on 12/1/1993 by STRACZYNSKI [Joe] to GENIE

I can't dictate as fast as I can type; and I don't think in
verbal terms,
I have to see it on the scren. I tried it once, but found I'm just
not a very
good dictator (crew comments notwithstanding).

A guest actor really can't add much beyond the episode in
which he or she
appears. But behind the scenes...some of our cast learned a lot
while working
with Revell, and McCallum, and some of our other classically
trained guest
actors. They were enjoyable experiences. As far as the experience
had...all of our guests have to date expressed a hope to return in
other roles
at some point. They've uniformly been treated well, and with
particularly those who've made their careers in SF, and are viewed
as "senior
officers" in a sense. Some have described it as the best working
they've had.