promo for season one in rebroa

 Posted on 10/31/1993 by to

I haven't seen the promo footage, so actually have no idea who you're
referring to in the extra alien shot. My guess is it's just one of our
many supporting aliens; we have the B5 Advisory Council (Earth, Minbari,
Narns, Centauri and Vorlons), and the League of Non-
Aligned Worlds, representing the rest, and there are about a dozen or so
of those, so it may be one of those.

Don't know when fighter models will come out; so far there's no deal
set that I'm aware of. And that's not really something I see as a
priority; there's too much emphasis on merchandising in SF-TV and not
nearly enough on telling a story. That's where I want to keep my focus.