The fighters enter via the main...

 Posted on 10/30/1993 by STRACZYNSKI [Joe] to GENIE

The fighters enter via the main docking bay, where they are shunted back
into the Starfury launch bays. (BTW, for those who've asked, and let it never
be said that we're unresponsive...we asked Ron to develop a CGI sequence that
shows how ships get from the interior of the main docking bay down to the
customs and loading bays. I've seen it, and it looks pretty spiffy. Look for
it in "Grail."

Re: the mask...yes, form follows function. It should cover the whole
face (done), be transparent (done), be easy to slip on and off (done), and
contain its own atmosphere cartridges (done). We could've gotten fancy, but
it made sense for a station like B5 to order just what they need, not add on a
whole lot of bells and whistles, and I'm not really sure what more you NEED in
a mask.

BTW, the triangular ships are Raiders.