Re: JMS: Lots of good info. ;)

 Posted on 10/28/1993 by to

Actually, I'm rather abashed to say that I've never actually *read*
anything by C.J. Cherryh. Over the years I've found I have less and less
time for reading, and thus focus in generally on authors I've known for a
long time...if then. There was a time when I read a *minimum* of 20 books
per year, but I haven't read a full novel (though having started many)
in nearly all of the past year. Some nonfiction books, yes, sometimes for
research, sometimes just curiousity (just finished "Secret Ceremonies,"
one woman's adventures in mormonism), but no novels.

Anyway...also no plans at this time for any scripts from there. I'm
trying to focus in on hybrid SF writers, who've done both scripts and
books, to save the learning curve of teaching a prose writer script form.
It can be done, and I'd like to try it in the second season, but we have
to really hit the ground running in year one.