Re: Filming Episodes Out of Or

 Posted on 9/30/1993 by to

It never ceases to astonish me how, when there's not a problem, people
insist on fabricating them....

First and foremost, every series shoots its episodes out of order to
varying degrees. Second, it is our decision to shoot 22 early because, as
I stated originally, it's going to require some considerable post
production/CGI, and the sooner that gets started, the better. Also, some
of our actors will be briefly unavailable during the holiday period, so
we're trying to shoot the episodes that use those actors earlier, so that
we can shoot the episodes that don't need those actors when they're off
on vacation, then pick up the last few that involve those actors upon
their return.

And it's not a "finale"'s not designed to tie things up, but
rather to open up a WHOLE lot of questions, kick over some tables, and
make for one hell of a cliffhanger. people get worried by the damndest things sometimes....


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