No episodes have aired...unless...

 Posted on 9/30/1993 by STRACZYNSKI [Joe] to GENIE

No episodes have aired...unless your friends are operating in an
alternate universe, in which case please have them send them to me so that we
can save time and money producing them. I have no idea what your friends saw,
but suspect their experience may yet end up on the X-files.

Re: audience's the sad part. When I'm up on stage, I'm
in ***PERFORMANCE MODE*** thinking up the next line, setting up the next
segment, whatever...and combined with the fact that despite what I cobble
together in my JMS "persona" I'm actually very shy (as KAL will confirm)...I
don't hear the applause. I'm so riddled with anxiety that I don't hear it.
I'm thinking three beats ahead. It really is kinda sad at times, because
afterward I have to ask someone -- usually Spousal Overunit -- "What did they
think? Do you think they liked it?" because I have no recollection

BTW, we're putting in some more cutting-edge tech equipment, including
stuff that'll let us downlink dailies and cuts direct from the lab to our
stage via fiber optic cable...computerized harry work (the adding of sparks
and light effects usually done by painstakingly painting each frame, now to be
handled by computers and software we're beta testing), and other stuff. We're
right on the leading edge now.