Phil: the info on Internet was first...

 Posted on 7/31/1993 by STRACZYNSKI [Joe] to GENIE

Phil: the info on Internet was first posted here, so I don't think we
need to repeat.

Re: Walter...I didn't comment one way or another on the surgery here.
Simple reason. I spoke with Walter when he called me from the hospital on
Wednesday. He then told me that he would be going into surgery very soon.
Respecting Walter's privacy, I held back that info, figuring that was the
thing to do. One of the problems that comes when you gain any kind of
notoriety -- as I'm slowly learning in my own case -- is that you absolutely
lose all privacy. Your smallest business becomes public knowledge. If I were
to pass on a *fraction* of what I hear from some of the people I know...they
wouldn't trust me again, nor should they do so. It's the differencof
someone's work, and being a *friend*...they carry different obligations.