I'll be getting in touch with Mr....

 Posted on 1/31/1993 by STRACZYNSKI [Joe] to GENIE

I'll be getting in touch with Mr. Jonas.

Re: the uniforms...yes, there's a certain traditional look to them, and
this is deliberate. Look at any uniform from 200 years ago, and you have
certain lines and forms that repeat, and which stay part of the uniform.
There is a STRONG sense of tradition and history in any branch of the
military. Heck, the navy not long ago went BACK to a more traditional dress
after making some modifications. The basic dress uniform for your basic
soldier on leave looks about the same now as it did during WW II.

Much of what passes for SF uniforms/costuming in the future simply
pretends that all that history and tradition just suddenly came to a
screeching halt. In B5, we're trying to connect our past, our present and our
future, to show the continuity of the human species.