Will, jeez, that's amazing...you...

 Posted on 1/1/1993 by STRACZYNSKI [Joe] to GENIE

Will, jeez, that's amazing...you should've said something, the B5 family
would've been there with cards and letters. How're you doing now? I know it
can be a very traumatic experience, even once you're physically 100%.

One more thing, Will. Email me your address.

On other fronts....

One week from today, we will (or should) be finished with
sound/music/looping edits and the B5 pilot will be complete. It's both
exhilirating to think about that...and there's also that post partum
depression that hits whenever I finish a big project, a novel, or an episode
of a series. In my head, all I can play over are the things we should've or
could've done to make it even better...the scenes we should have trimmed, the
scenes we should've dropped back in again, THIS angle on a fight instead of
THAT one...you can play with these things forever. At some point, you just
have to let go.

Then the next phase -- the series -- rests in large measure in your
hands, in terms of how fast we can get this puppy in gear.

It's kind of funny, meanwhile...I've gotten a number of private responses
to stuff I asked here, and one person told me a rather remarkable story,
alongside Will's...without naming names, he'd taken it upon himself to
proselytize about the show as much as possible, to tell as many people about
it as he could.

Apparently, he was on one system, and saw a young woman on-line, and
called her into chat, something he was normally to shy EVER to do before.
They began talking about the show -- she'd apparently heard a little about
it, but not much -- and over time they began corresponding, and, in the words
of the person who sent me the note, "We fell in love with each other."
They've now met, and it looks like it might get serious indeed.

Amazing. (When the person gives me his permission, I'll post the full
note; he's a little sheepish of her finding out he said anything.)

I think it's really kind of cool.

Oh...one last thing. Several people have inquired privately how to send
notes or stuff hard-copy. An address where I can be reached is 14431 Ventura
Boulevard, Suite 260, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423.