One can but hope.

 Posted on 9/28/1992 by STRACZYNSKI [Joe] to GENIE

One can but hope.

Incidentally, and not entirely as an aside, I spoke to Michael O'Hare
today, who's in New York at the moment. (Michael, you'll all remember, is our
lead, Commander Jeffrey Sinclair.) Basically called to bring him up to speed
on a few things, and we got to talking about heroes. And how much he wants to
bring out that aspect, for his own kid, and for others. One thing that
Michael and I have in common is that we both resolutely and stubbornly
continue to believe in heroes, and the need for same. Not bluff-and-bluster
heroes, but ordinary people who are placed in extraordinary circumstances, and
rise above what they believe are the limits of their endurance.

Someone said recently of HILL STREET something rather profound, I thought
at the time. That it was about the redefinition of heroes; the hero as
bureaucrat (Furillo), the hero as ordinary man (Hill and Renko), the hero as
psycho (Belker), the hero as sleazebag (Buntz), and that genuinely struck me
as the core of that show...that heroes aren't always what we think they're
supposed to be, and that there is that spark that can be found in the
unlikeliest of places.

Anyway, just your Thought For Today....