Television is like a train; once...

 Posted on 9/24/1992 by STRACZYNSKI [Joe] to GENIE

Television is like a train; once it leaves, you then know how long it
will take to get from A to B. We could've still made the November airdate if
we'd gotten the go when originally discussed. That didn't happen. Given when
we started, it's simple math to determine when we can air. (And remember, we
aren't all by ourselves here; Warners has to consider many factors, like the
rest of the network, and where we fit in in that area.)

We will have a pretty solid cut in about 2 weeks. A fine-cut by the end
of October. We start spotting (looking for music cue locations) November 3rd.
Scoring will take place around December 14th. We'll deliver shortly before
Christmas. Nothing can happen then until January or February. And the Prime
Time Network goes on line in February, and they want B5 to air during the
February sweeps, where it will get the most attention and exposure.

Sweeps also puts us up against the MOST deadly competition; that's when
the networks, syndicators and cable outfits pull out their big guns in stunts
and high-profile programs to kill off everything else in sight.
So we're very much walking right into the lion's den, with everything in the
world stacked up against us.

Seems like fair odds to me....

And it wouldn't be the first time.