I am trying very, very, *very* hard...

 Posted on 9/23/1992 by STRACZYNSKI [Joe] to GENIE

I am trying very, very, *very* hard not to lose it at this moment.

Someone put the copy of the current ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY in my hands,
with the DS9 cover story, and said "I think you should see this." And I saw
some full-head makeup prosthetics that look an *awful* lot like ours. But
worse yet...the sets. The Promenade looks amazingly like our bazaar; their
casino/bar looks a lot like our casino/bar, on and on and on....

This is getting just a *little* out of hand. The visual aspect comes on
top of the story aspect...that both shows are about a space station that
functions as a port of call for businessmen, smugglers, diplomats and others,
located near a jump-point/worm-hole, has an open marketplace, a casino, a bar,
hookers, original draft screenplays in which a shape changer played a
substantial role, a female second in command, a head of the station with the
same initials (J.S.) both with the rank of Commander, and an attack scene near
the end with the female second in command being in charge of the defense...oh,
yeah, and both commanders carrying a trauma from a recent war or battle.

And there are more points of similarity, those are just the ones that
spring immediately to mind. And now they will even have much the same look,
similar sets, similar makeups....

I'm calm. I'm quiet and collected. How that desk got tossed out the
window is anybody's guess.

Well, at least there's some good news. We screened the rough cut of B5
for the composer we'd like to work with, and he seemed to go for it.
Now we just have to see how our mutual schedules mesh. (This is a very
special composer, and so there's a fair amount of courtship going on.)