The last two days, we've been shooting...

 Posted on 9/4/1992 by STRACZYNSKI [Joe] to GENIE

The last two days, we've been shooting stuff in the observation dome,
basically the B5 command and control room, which has a huge port that looks
out into space. (The design is kinda, but not really, reminiscent of the
Spirit window from the strip of the same name.) Saw the dailies today, and it
looks great. And there's something nifty about standing there in the middle
of this thing, looking out at space, black and white and the blue of a nearby
nebula, rendered outside the port so we can do some of this in-camera. It
feels very real when you're inside.

Last day for the pilot shoot tomorrow. And probably one of our most
lavish sets as well. Will log on after we've finished the last shot. Really
tired, but we've got just about everything in the can now, and it's all 99.9%
of what I originally saw in my head, or in many cases, better.