Hello? Is there really a world...

 Posted on 9/3/1992 by STRACZYNSKI [Joe] to GENIE

Hello? Is there really a world out there? Haven't had a chance to log
on until now. Lots of interviews as well as production to worry about.
Broadcasting Magazine again for a follow-up, then CNN/Showbiz Today this
afternoon, on and on. Don't know yet when some of this will be hitting the
stands or the airwaves (respectively), but will advise when I do.

There's a lot of good stuff coming down the road, some exciting news
brewing...but as with the time when this was That Which Could Not Be Named, I
can't say anything. Let's just say that the disparitites between the coverage
between B5 and the other series (and the reason for same) should evaporate
very soon. In addition, promos are now being shot to air on all the TV
stations set to carry B5 which will include scenes from the movie. These may
begin airing as soon as a month or two from now.

Just two more days of filming left. It's sometimes hard to believe; it
took us five years to get here, and now this part of it will be over in just
two more days. But as is so often said in television, boys and girls, there
is more to come....

The footage continues to look spectacular. David Gerrold came by this
evening to pick up a few things for the Worldcon auction, and saw some of the
footage (efx and dailies). His comment: "Every so often, the science fiction
media world undergoes a paradigm shift. There was one with Star Trek, another
with Star Wars...and what I just saw amounts to a major paradigm shift."

Newsletter is coming together, most of the interviews are concluded, and
I expect it to be out sometime around the end of the month, so those who've
sent postcards, watch your mailboxes around the first part of October.