One nifty thing in today's dailies...I...

 Posted on 9/1/1992 by STRACZYNSKI [Joe] to GENIE

One nifty thing in today's dailies...I have to say that Patricia Tallman
makes one heck of a telepath. Wonderful. One thing I've never liked much
about most treatments of telepaths on TV is that they've never really SOLD the
idea...meaning, made it visual and dynamic, it's usually someone putting their
hands to their head and muttering about images or feelings. Sort of your dime
store psychic stuff.

In the script, I came up with a way of making the process dynamic and
mysterious and visual, but without breaking the reality (if one could call it
that) of how the process would or should work. Didn't know for sure if it
would work until I saw the dailies today. Oh,'s lovely. And
powerful as hell.

Some very nice scenes today with Sinclair and his love interest, Carolyn
Sykes. Nice grown-up adult relationship stuff.