The ship you refer to is known in...

 Posted on 8/17/1992 by STRACZYNSKI [Joe] to GENIE

The ship you refer to is known in the script as the spider transport,
though it looks a little more tick-ish than spider-ish. (BTW, there wasn't a
problem with the lights, it turns out...some idiot thought it would be fun to
turn them on and off during the presentation. Which is why it stopped when I
saw a shadow toward the back of the room at the controls and commented that if
someone was messing with the lights, I'd hurt him...bad.)

As for the lens flare, yeah, it's just one of the extras Ron's cooked up
to make things more real, though we over-used it a bit at the start. The
reasoning behind it was simply giving the sense of a camera out in space,
again replicating what a real lens would pick kup.
(Or pick up.)

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