Just got in...absolutely bushed...

 Posted on 8/16/1992 by STRACZYNSKI [Joe] to GENIE

Just got in...absolutely bushed (it's 106 degrees outside, a real

I've only skimmed the reactions here, will discuss more later, but in
brief...just a reminder that what was shown was culled from only the first 2
days of dailies. The more exotic-looking aliens come in other scenes.

And again, my apologies for the darkness of the dailies clip; these were
many generations down: from the film, to a 3/4" tape, to a VHS, to another VHS
onto which I made the edited cuts, and then onto a final VHS to add the music.
Four generations down. (I'd wanted to do only 3 generations down, but I
couldn't find a way to totally knock out the soundtrack on the edited footage,
so had to transfer it again and mix in the music at that time.)

Overall, I was fairly pleased with how the presentation went. I'm always
hyper-critical of my own performance, wondering if I'd gotten out all the
important information. I'd thought I'd have 90 minutes, but only had 60, and
that kinda closed things down a little bit.

Anyway, too bushed now for much more, just a quick check-in. Will sign
on again either later today or at the end of day tomorrow, after another day
of filming.