The series question is taking care...

 Posted on 8/10/1992 by STRACZYNSKI [Joe] to GENIE

The series question is taking care of itself at this point. Will advise
as this develops.

Meanwhile, I am sitting here going quietly bananas. I expected that the
night before I'd be in quite a state, but man...I wish I could describe it for
those looking on, but it's not any one thing. Yes, there's a certain amount
of excitement mixed with anticipation, terror, fear,'s like
going out on a first date, and you go back to her place, and you suddenly
realize that you're going to be going to bed for the first time together, and
you're wondering if your mouthwash is still holding up, if she's protected, if
you're protected, if those handcuffs beside her bed are really just for
show...and whether or not you forgot to lock the car door downstairs....

I keep playing every scene, every line, over and over in my head, making
sure it's all there...worrying about the makeup, the prosthetics, if the
actors are comfortable with it all, if the sets will register properly on
film, if I made the right decision on one of the costumes...


I really hate this part of it. It's great, don't misunderstand me, it's understand. I was sitting earlier, trying to read, and my spousal
overunit announced that if my foot were shaking any faster, it would vibrate
right off my leg and smash out a window across the room.

I'm fine. I'm cool. It doesn't bother me.

If you need me, I'll be up on the roof....

T-minus 9 hours and counting.