Moving the date of the presentation...

 Posted on 8/7/1992 by STRACZYNSKI [Joe] to GENIE

Moving the date of the presentation seemed marginal at best...and
would've entailed catching a redeye BACK and screwing up Monday. Bear in
mind, I'm working two shows simultaneously...both of them full time jobs....

How many people are now involved with B5? Jeez...I know it covers about
5-6 pages of crew, so that's at least 75-100 people minimum, probably the main cast, which is about 15, plus day players, about another
20, plus anywhere from 35-50 extras for some scenes. Then you have to add on
the people you DON'T see...those who aren't directly part of the crew, but are
hired out to work on costumes and the like.

This doesn't even include the sound crews, the editing people, the
composer,, we're talking here several hundred people when all the
bills come in, though the *core* would be, I'd say, maybe a bit over 100. It
amazes me sometimes to think that something I came up with one afternoon could
now, almost five years later, so directly and significantly affect the lives
of so *many* people.