CGI = Computer Generated Imagery.

 Posted on 8/5/1992 by STRACZYNSKI [Joe] to GENIE

CGI = Computer Generated Imagery.

Re: bloopers and commercials...yes, there will be a Christmas reel for
crew with some of this stuff...don't imagine it'll get out...(Hah! I've seen
how this stuff spreads!).

If your address has changed, yes, send a new one to the address given
above. And yes, it's okay to post that address elsewhere.

I'm going to continue to try to post at least once every couple of days
during filming. Can't guarantee it, but that's my target.

Makeup, wardrobe and camera tests over the next 2 days. The cast will
walk the sets for the first time. After today's meeting, the atmosphere all
over the place is overwhelmingly positive...from every side...the cast, the
production team, Warners, people on the outside tracking the show for
magazines and elsewhere...comes the sense that we've really GOT something

What it really shows, I think, more than any one other single element, is
the fact that just about everyone on this show *loves* the science fiction
genre...these are people who grew up on Forbidden Planet and Lucas and
Spielberg and Zone and everything in-between, and that care is going into
every frame. And they don't want to leave. One fellow who's been doing some
of our computer displays found out his contract was about over. He didn't
want to leave the show, even though there were other job prospects
elsewhere...he was willing to do anything, be a runner, a production
assistant, a gopher, anything, paid or otherwise, just to stay with it as long
as he could. (And we found something for him, for pay; that kind of attitude
is worth ten times the financial value of the work itself.)

If this show doesn't kick serious butt...I'm getting out of the business.