Will try to get a revised list posted...

 Posted on 8/1/1992 by STRACZYNSKI [Joe] to GENIE

Will try to get a revised list posted here ASAP. And yes, there is now a
new name for the Consortium of stations, as noted in a few of the trades; it's
being called the Primetime Network.

As for the dialogue...I come from a different place on that stuff. My
sense is that whatever one comes up with for future-dialogue that' is
noticeably different than what we speak now, it's a) invariably not what's
going to happen, and b) sometimes interferes with the drama. On one hand are
the cyberpunk types who think we'll speak in tech-talk, and then there's
everybody else.

We're trying to tell a story *now* to be heard by people *now*. When
Shakespeare wrote about folks long turned to dust, he didn't change the
language, he wrote his current language...look at "The Lion in Winter," by

ago...but it works.

At the other end of the spectrum, you've got SF movies like "Just
Imagine," made in the 30s about people in the 80s, and the way they talked,
the artificialities and stilted nature of dialogue and names, is absolutely
wrong and out-of-date for today. Had they just written it as they would any
other movie, it would sound fresher today.

Ten days and counting....